Daniel Singer Chilblane

Offerpad - Mobile App Work (2020)

Various explorations for the Offerpad Mobile app.

Project URL: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/offerpad-find-houses-for-sale/id1354052452

When the Offerpad Mobile app was still a small prototype project, I was asked to provide mockups to guide the developers. My screens were based on what I knew about iOS app design at the time.

Some of the concepts here would guide my later work on buy.offerpad.com design and more mobile app ideas.

Figma screenshot of several screens in the then-prototype of Offerpad Mobile
Offerpad Mobile prototype mockups

Later in 2020, after doing the redesign work for buy.offerpad.com, I thought about what a completely rethought Offerpad Mobile app might look like. This exercise was entirely initiated by myself and not used for the product, but I would continue to use aspects of it in future projects.