Daniel Singer Chilblane

Offerpad - Home Listings UI (Web) (2019)

Design mockups and planning for buy.offerpad.com

Project URL: https://buy.offerpad.com/

I joined Offerpad shortly before they launched the first version of their home listings. As a design exercise, while we were exploring redesigning other parts of Offerpad’s website, I imagined what an improved UI for our home listings could look like. This would serve as a foundation for later design work.

Screenshot of a mockup of a home listings map and search results
One of my earliest Figma documents at Offerpad, from 2017

At the beginning of 2019, I began work on the buy 2.0 project with our web development team and our product manager.

Content map of pages in the buy site experience
Planning chart for the three core page types plus additional content on a redesigned buy.offerpad.com

Here’s early low-fidelity (no color) mockups of the search results page. High fidelity mockups can be found in this Figma document.

Screenshot of a high-fidelity mockup of a home listings map and search results
From the higher fidelity mockups for the buy redesign.

At this point, I ended design work for the results page and worked with the web team to build it. Afterwards, design responsibilities for the Buy website were handed off to our other designer.