Daniel Singer Chilblane

Product designer, design technologist

Hi there!

As a design technologist and product designer, I've worked with UX organizations and product/engineering teams to evaluate and improve their design systems used across organizations.

My core competencies include design systems, information architecture, UX documentation and content strategy, and conversion forms. I've worked as a UX engineer, a product designer, and everything in-between.

Beyond my work experience, I have interests in the social media and gaming industries, especially where they coincide. I would love to work in these industries in the future, as I believe they offer exciting challenges and opportunities for design innovation and user engagement.


Design systems

Collaborating with developers, branding, and product to plan out effective, flexible design systems and tokens that work in both design tool and code contexts, along with detailed documentation.

UX ideation

Work with product and other stakeholders to architect new and updated experiences for the user, making decisions based on data and commonly-accepted best practices.

UX/UI web design

Design and build content and marketing websites using a variety of tools and languages, including Figma, React, Sass, Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll, and more.